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Updated: 15/03/2023

Dear Gift Lovers,

Welcome to our gift shop in Belgrade.

No matter what part of the world you are currently in, it will never be easier to order a gift without problems with any type of payment.

We are not an ordinary gift shop with trinkets, we are a top online flower shop, a store of excellent cakes and a gift shop in Belgrade, which will leave an exceptional impression on you, as well as on the person you give it to.

We suggest you read the page to the end because something awaits you fantastic.

We are always available and respond immediately - Extremely fast support.

A lot awaits you below, special offer, concrete solutions and all answers to questions..

Each order is approached as if it were the first one we received when we started our gift shop in Belgrade

95% reservation takes place by the client doing everything himself on the site and after
once in a while we just get a thank you message for our service.


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Belgrade cakes

Myrrh for every important date

flowers in a box with honey - flower delivery Belgrade - Online flower shop & Gift Shop Gift shop and ferrero - flower delivery Belgrade - online flower shop gift shop

Flowers in a box

Modern, effective, high quality

Fruit arrangement in a basket - - flower delivery Belgrade - Online flower shop & Gift Shop Poklondžija

Fruit baskets 

Healthy energy is the key

101 Rose in a box with Bottega champagne - flower delivery Belgrade - gift shop

101 roses

Exclusive gift queen

You can pay by card or directly to the account,
cash on delivery or through the Pay Pal application. As a natural or legal person from any point on the planet.

Don't worry if everything will be as you imagined. Absolutely everything you do on the site, order, write, choose, will be delivered exactly as you specified and chose. 

Extremely fast support. In the lower right corner you have an always open button
to contact us. WE ANSWER IMMEDIATELY! Also during the entire delivery process we are always available for any questions.

Delivery of flowers and gifts is generally possible on the same day, unless it is a question of a cake, for which it is written that it is necessary to order a few days in advance. Certainly, it often happens that we can deliver the cake on the same day. 

Over 400 different solutions in the gift shop with the most effective platform for gifts in Serbia.

"What should I buy for a present?" it won't be a problem anymore. Everything in our gift shop is available and the same as in the pictures with the possibility of very fast delivery to any address

chocolate purse


Every person's holy grail 

flowers in a box

Flower arrangements 

Modern, effective, high quality

Bojkovčanka brandy

A drink 

Shall we drink one each?

a gift for a baby

A gift for a baby

Spice for the most beautiful gift in the world

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5.0 Google rating based on 380 reviews

"One in a million" is the chance that someone will bring the same gift, unless they ordered from us in the gift shop, which often happens!

POKlondzija Gift Shop - Flower delivery Belgrade

You got your message across in a specific way. (We will write each letter as you say, and we will pack it so that the very act of the message takes on a different dimension when opened)

You gave the gift of the modern and unusual. (every gift is according to the latest fashion and world trend. Many European florists and gift shops have not yet included similar arrangements in their offers)

You leave a lasting mark and memory with quality packaging that stays forever. (We produce all the boxes ourselves and make them by hand from wood)

It may not be the best, but the #1 is guaranteed to be the most beautiful. (regardless of other expensive items, seethe visual effect you achieve with this type of gift is exceptional)

They constantly put their trust in us

1* Monthly Poklondžija gift shop offers the most complete solution at an incredible price

A luxurious arrangement with red roses in a wooden box - 9970 rsd

Teddy bears - FREE 

Link of 3 balloons - FREE 

Gift Shop with 100% satisfaction guarantee or we work for free

That's right, you read that right 

If you are in any way unsatisfied, you will receive a 100% full refund - instant

Don't hesitate, no explanation, just ask for your money back

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